McGill, Nevada - 5/30-6/1 - 2024

Far-Flung & Far Out.
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Schellraiser Music Festival 2024 lineup in McGill, Nevada featuring Ladytron, We Are Scientists, Mercury Rev, The Raveonettes, Man Man, Sonido Gallo Negro, No Joy, The Jins, Sinkane, The Besnard Lakes, Miki Berenyi Trio, The Paranoyds, Molly Lewis, Plague Vendor, Corridor, Wild Pink, chokecherry, Megafauna, DAIISTAR, The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers, Everyone Is Dirty, Deserta, Motrik, The Plastic Cherries, Ritmo Cascabel, Abronia, Soft Science, Anna Hillburg, MYLO BYBEE, and This Valley Glow

Far-Flung & Far Out.

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Why can't all festivals be like this?

It's a question that came from the lips of one of our artists during Schellraiser 2023. But it's also one that we've been asking ourselves for some time now.

For the last three years, we've been Schell-bent on creating a different kind of festival experience for anyone who's ever shared our frustrations and disappointments with mass-scale, corporate musical events.

We don't like to be treated as errant livestock any more than you do. Nor do we relish the thought of being packed like sardines into overcrowded venues that place a premium on necessities like water, shade and comfortable seating, while giving short shrift to lineup curation, sound quality, halfway-decent lines of sight and basic human comfort.

At Schellraiser, we're committed to providing a more intimate, smaller-scale, attendee-friendly experience for anyone and everyone who's adventurous enough to join us each spring in our remote corner of Wild Nevada.

We're just as dedicated to showcasing the best in alternative, independent and underground music, from country to cumbia, punk to pop, and soul to psychedelia.

For Schellraiser 2024, we're honored and incredibly excited to welcome Ladytron, We Are Scientists, Mercury Rev and more of our favorite bands to the spectacular Steptoe Valley. We hope to see you here, too!

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MAY 30 – JUNE 1, 2024

We continue to support local community service organizations, and as the owners of the historic McGill Theater, we’re actively engaged in the process of restoring a long-abandoned cultural landmark in the heart of our downtown.

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