McGill, Nevada - 5/30-6/1 - 2024

Thu 10 Feb 2022 Schellraiser

Schellraiser Boosts Camping Options


With less than four months to go until Schellraiser 2022, we’ve doubled the number of glamping tents available to rent this spring at our campground near McGill. Our Lotus Belle-brand tents are the first of their kind in White Pine County, and were designed to offer guests a comfortable and unique camping experience. All of the tents are fully furnished, with king-and queen-size platform beds, jute mat flooring and other amenities. Keep an eye on our website for a link to campground reservations, which will be available exclusively to festivalgoers in late May and early June.

Camp home featured on HGTV
The newest addition to the Schellraiser campground had a starring role this month in the new HGTV series “Off the Wall Builds.” Alternative Living Spaces of Las Vegas built the shipping container home as a dwelling unit for a family in California. But we wound up buying the home when Alternative Living Spaces gave it a slight makeover, after the HGTV episode was filmed. It’s one of two container homes that will be available to rent this June for the Schellraiser 2022 festival. Both homes have rooftop decks and bathrooms; one home has a kitchen, while the other features custom-made bunkbeds and a built-in tent on the roof.

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