McGill, Nevada - 5/30-6/1 - 2024

Tue 26 Mar 2024 Schellraiser

Schellraiser named best Hipcamp in Nevada


We're having another Sally Field moment...

Schellraiser's campground near McGill was just awarded First Place as the best Hipcamp listing in Nevada!

Hipcamp previously named us a runner-up for best campground in the state, after just a few short weeks of operations in 2022. 

Since then, we've worked really hard to offer our guests unique experiences that are few and far between in rural Nevada.

We're honored that Hipcamp likes us – that it really, really likes us * – and we'll keep striving to expand and improve upon our adventure camping experiences as we move into 2024.

* Yes, we know that Sally Field didn't exactly say that, but the quote attributed to her is just too good not to use ad infinitum.

To learn more about our campground and this year's Hipcamp awards, check out:

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