McGill, Nevada - 5/30-6/1 - 2024

Wed 19 Apr 2023 Schellraiser

Schellraiser named Runner Up for Best Hipcamp Listing in Nevada 2023


April 19, 2023 | McGill, Nevada

To paraphrase Sally Field, Hipcamp likes us. It really, really likes us!

The online campground booking site just named Schellraiser a Runner Up for the best Hipcamp listing in Nevada this year.

We had no idea that we were even a contender for this honor: After all, we were only open for a grand total of three weeks in 2022! We’ve put everything we had into this project and our micro-fest over the last three-plus years, and we’re so happy to be recognized for our effort.

We strive to offer our guests a unique experience and a level of quality that can be hard to find elsewhere in rural Nevada, and we hope to build on our Hipcamp status in 2023.

As we gear up for this visitor season, we look forward to hosting many more guests, and meeting wonderful people from around the world.

We’d like to extend our profound thanks to our general contractor, Shawn Wilson of Great Basin Building, and our campground host, Brian Luker, for all of their help in bringing our vision to fruition! We could not do it without them!

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